Davis & G Blackseed Coffee

  Php 380

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The first ever BLACKSEED with DATES Coffee in the Philippines!


Davis & G Blackseed Coffee is a fresh-brewed gourmet coffee favoured with its bitterness.

The Blackseed powder and grounded Dates seed adds to the fullness of the flavor which provides a desirable taste sensation. Also known to assist and enhance the desire (libido), energy-booster on its own.

Fast fact:

Dates can benefit us by decreasing cholesterol, treating constipation, and boosting the energy levels and bone health.

Blackseed known as to treat everything and has numerous health benefits came from the seeds of the plant known as Nigella Sativa. The significant health benefits of black seed are proven by more than 600 scientific studies.

Components: 1 Box (10 Teabags)

Instruction: Simply immerse in hot water and you’ve got a single serving of fresh-brewed, healthy grounded coffee. Just add sugar and creamer to taste.